Helston Town Council has given out £7,150 to community groups this month, but there will be nothing for St Wendrona's Church due to laws preventing civic funding for church buildings.

The council usually takes applications for grants in two tranches through the year, and this month they had a list of 13 organisations asking for cash totalling about £15,000.

Immediately rejected was a request for £3,000 for the town twinning association, as well as the request for funds to repair the mainly 13th and 14th century church, after town clerk Chris Dawson said that while government ministers thought local councils funding such work was legal, the Local Government Act said otherwise.

Councillor Ronnie Williams said if the council went ahead and granted the money anyway "it's up to them" to prove that the council "isn't allowed to do it that way," however Mr Dawson said it was actually his job to point out the illegality of such a move.

Councillor Dave Potter requested that members consider the remaining applications in order of "priority," and the one that stood out was Helston and the Lizard Food Bank, which he said was "one group that's entirely needed." It was pointed out that the £2,000 requested was to supplement a co-ordinator's wage, however the mayor, councillor Gillian Geer, said: "Someone will ask who's benefitting from that. I'm happy that Helston will benefit hugely." The council voted to support the application.

Another application prioritised by the council was Helston and District Carers, which was granted £500.

First Helston Scouts was given £250 towards a fence, as councillors felt this should really be funded by the group themselves.

Several youth groups between them put in requests totalling more than £2,000 for camping equipment. Second Helston Brownies was given £750 of the £1,000 required for six tents and other equipment, as was Hellys Bocka Adventure Scouts, who will buy tents, rucksacks and cooking equipment for the Duke of Edinburgh Award, while Third Helston Air Cadets was given the full £350 requested to buy basha camping shelters.

The Helston Railway Preservation Society had requested £500 for strimmers and other equipment which it will use as part of its active community support project, which works with volunteers and job centre work experience groups. A representative told members the group was happy with less, as simply having funding from the council helped with requests to other bodies.

Mrs Geer recommended £250, but Mr Williams said the Job Centre programme gave "problem groups" some "hard menial work," and "it gives them something to live for," suggesting £500. Mrs Geer replied: "I get that but we don't have very much money," but the full grant amount was carried.

One and All Judo Club, based at the Epworth Hall, had asked for £6,000 for new mats, and Mr Potter pointed out that they had not asked for a grant since 2010, then adding: "Maybe what they need to learn is little and often is easier." He proposed £1,000, with an amendment from Councillor Mike Thomas halving that to £500 passed by a deciding vote from Mrs Geer.

Councillors then decided to split the remaining £1,550 almost equally between the three remaining applicants, with £500 each going to Helston Bowling Club, towards a new roof and the installation of gas heating, and to Act 1 Youth Theatre for sound equipment, and £550 to Helston Netball Club for equipment.

Mr Potter questioned giving £500 "for a roof" but was told it was seed funding, and the motion was carried.

The cash given out represents the entire remaining grants budget for the council until the next civic year.