A month-long celebration of Helston’s crafts industries past and present came to an end of Saturday with a grand coming together of those who contributed.

The Helston Makes It! festival took place throughout September, with workshops and demonstrations in everything from basketry, glass work and jewellery making to embroidery, zen calligraphy, quilting, pottery and hat making.

On Saturday more than 20 ‘makers’ came together for a day of demonstrations at Helston Museum, many of which visitors could get involved in also.

People had the chance to weave flowers out flax leaves, make a piece of patchwork out of material scraps and spin their own wool.

There was also the chance to see silversmiths, furniture makers and a blacksmith at work, watch a saddler in his craft – and event take part in a posture workshop led by Helston’s own designer and maker of special occasion wear, Denise Stracey.

Jude Carroll, who was the drive behind the event and chaired the organising committee, said: “I’m pleased with how it’s all gone.

“I’m really grateful to all the makers who have given up a huge amount of time to do this over the month, to show their extraordinary skills. The visitors who have come to a talk, a demonstration or a workshop have gone away very pleased.

“It’s been a chance to make links with the traditional crafts and also show the more contemporary works as well. It’s been good.”

Some of the makers even went out into the community to share their skills, include artisan silversmith Anna Rennie who made copper rings with year six pupils at St Michael’s School.