Shortly before she died tireless Helston charity worker Angie Laity expressed a wish to hold a darts tournament to raise further funds for Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Sadly she was unable to organise the event in time, but now her wish has been fulfilled in a tournament dedicated to her memory.

Held at Helston Football Club the Angie Laity Memorial Dart Tournament raised exactly £258.10 for the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust, a charity close to Mrs Laity's heart ever since she set up the air ambulance shop in Meneage Street 15 years ago.

Mandy Williams, secretary of the Helston and District Darts League who organised the event, said: "It was very, very good. We had an excellent evening, with about 40 darts players - and there were more people there than that, because we had people watching."

Tournament winners were Alan Bastian and Sharon Matthews, while Michael Basher scored 180 during one of his goes.

Mrs Williams thanked everybody that attended the tournament, both playing and watching.