A woman who stabbed her husband in the chest with a pair of scissors has been convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Sandra Clinch, 49, stabbed her husband Alan during a row about tidying their house on 13 May.

Clinch, Caradon Heights, Darite, Liskeard, was jailed for nine years by a judge at Truro Crown Court. She was cleared of his murder.

Judge Graham Cottle called her defence that it was an accident, "nothing more than purely fanciful".

He added that the jury were satisfied Clinch was was suffering from a personality disorder when she killed her husband killed and the personality disorder "affected your ability to exercise self-control".

Calling this a regular feature in her life he said that "evidence established beyond doubt you have been aggressive, abusive and violent towards previous partners as well as your children"

Judge Cottle said: "You stabbed a previous partner with a carving knife and assaulted your children on a regular basis.

"He [Mr Clinch] was a meek, mild-mannered and gentle man who simply took what you handed out.

"I have no doubt on that evidence that you intended to hurt him badly and you embedded scissors in his heart and immediately after you regretted your actions."

The jury heard from a psychiatrist that Clinch had uncontrollable mood swings and during her four marriages she was violent, attacking her own children.