Cornwall councillors could be about to backtrack on a self-given inflation busting allowance rise.

In October councillors voted to increase the amount of cash they get for being a councillor by £2,472, from £12,128 to £14,600, however moves are now afoot to reverse this decision.

As the vote next Tuesday involves overturning a decision, the signatures of 20 councillors were needed to get it onto the agenda.

Of these some were absent from the previous vote, one abstained, and four voted for the allowance rise, but have changed their position.

The Conservative minister in charge of local government had blasted Cornwall councillors saying they “will find it very difficult” to meet the eyes of the electorate if they go ahead with their planned pay rise this year.

Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles advised councillors to invest in “the darkest sunglasses they can possibly get” before they next face voters.

The bump in councillors’ pay packets, was described back in October as a move to attract “new, young” councillors by cabinet member for sustainability John Pollard.

It will come into effect after the elections this May and aims to benefit a new cohort of councillors.

What do you think, should councillors reverse the decision to award themselves a huge allowance rise, or is the extra money needed to attract a wider range of candidates.

Have your say below.

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