A couple from Feock have been ordered to leave their Cornwall Council owned house because of their anti-social behaviour.

Richard and Sue Newbury who were tenants at 6 Elm Grove, Feock will now have to leave the property under the conditions of a possession order which was granted to Cornwall Housing at Truro Crown Court on 7 February 2013.

The oOrder was granted as a result of the "anti-social behaviour of the couple, and the impact this behaviour had upon their neighbours and other local residents", said the council.

“Eviction is always the last course of action which Cornwall Housing seeks to pursue, but sometimes there is no alternative. We have excellent working relations with the Police and this is a good example of joint working which has had a positive outcome for the residents of Elm Grove” said Nick Ball, chair of Cornwall Housing board.

“We hope that this action will restore a positive living environment for the residents.”

Cornwall Housing enforcement manager Adam Fitzpatrick said the removal of the couple was despite "despite extensive work by Cornwall Housing’s Neighbourhood Enforcement Team and Devon and Cornwall Police".

Adding that the anti social behaviour of the couple did not stop even after Cornwall Housing obtained an anti social behaviour injunction on Mr and Mrs Newbury in October 2012.

And that there were further incidents throughout November and December 2012 leaving Cornwall Housing "little choice but to seek possession of the property".

“Eviction is always a last resort, however we had to consider the impact on the Elm Grove community,” said Sophie Curtis, the rural neighbourhood beat manager in Truro.

“The level of anti social behaviour was significant and we felt we had no alternative than to assist Cornwall Housing in seeking a possession order.

“I appreciate all the support we have received in taking this action and recognise that it was difficult for residents to come forward to give their experiences. I hope this result leaves them feeling confident and reassured by the action taken by the local neighbourhood police and Cornwall Housing.”

Work will commence shortly on preparing the house to be re-let to another local family in housing need.