Discussion on the plan to part privatise some services at Cornwall Council continued this week.

A meeting of the Single Issue Panel (SIP) for Support Services (JV) saw councillors discuss the financial side of the plan, including proposed savings.

Cllr Andrew Wallis (Helston South and Porthleven) said in the report, various Cornwall Council officers remarks said the BT-Lite option, while not matching the original level of savings, was nevertheless a good deal and worthy of consideration. 

However he added he was not sure the bar on what is a good deal is set high enough.

The financial side of the deal including the actual proposed saving to the departments that will be handed over the BT has not be made public.

Mr Wallis said: "I can say there are savings and jobs will be transferred. Also In-house and the part-privatised options were compared. Again, I can only say there are differences in savings between the different options.

"We were also told a robust contract would be in place to make sure the council is protected. And it was made very clear on the massive financial penalties the council would face if the council decided to leave the contract for no real reason. 

It will now be up to the Cabinet to make the final decision as whether to issue the Invite to Tender.

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