A group of teenagers have been creating a buzz about bees as part of a social action project to help them complete their National Citizen Service.

The group, called the Bee Project, have been working to increase Cornish bee populations, doing their own bit to help bolster the falling numbers of one of nature's most important pollinators.

The teenagers, all aged 16 or 17, have been renovating the run down gardens at a care home in Truro, turning it into a bee haven which will hopefully also give the residents there a nice place to relax.

Bee Project member Lewis Lovell said: "We also have been trying to raise awareness of this by going to social media, radio stations and newspapers, to campaign for people to plant more flowers, make more bee friendly gardens and appreciate bees more.

"To fund raise, today we have done a bake sale in Truro and raised almost £100 which will help fund our garden renovations."

The Nation Citizen Service is a nation wide four week program that aims to give young people valuable life skills, meet new people and gain experience and knowledge with working with their local communities.

As part of their service, the Bee Project has set up a Facebook page to encourage others to make their own gardens more bee friendly. The page can be found at facebook.com/The-Bee-Project-NCS-112914989370216 and the group is asking people to send in pictures of their own bee friendly green spaces.