A woman who describes herself as “animal mad” has donated 50 blankets to the Cats Protection in Carnon Downs – most of which she made herself.

Louise Kupinski has high functioning Asperger Syndrome, a form of autism, and says she is very proud of herself for what she has achieved. The 35-year-old, who lives at Spectrum’s residential home in Truro, had never sewn before she started the challenge in January.

“Making these blankets has completely captured Louise’s imagination," said Louise’s support worker Claire Organ. “With help from myself and other Spectrum team members, as well as attending a local sewing club, she has taught herself a new skill and has just kept making more blankets. It’s been a fantastic achievement and so lovely to get involved with the local community.”

Louise began making the blankets in January after Claire adopted a grey and black tabby called Puss Puss from the Cornwall Adoption Centre in Carnon Downs.

Claire said: “When I went into work the following day I told Louise about Puss Puss and that we bought him home with a blanket which had been donated to the charity. Louise immediately asked if she could make some – and she hasn’t stopped since. She even came back from the charity shop the other day with more fabric.”

Several other blankets have been made by Spectrum team members and a friend of Louise’s who runs a company called Cat Knit Creations.

Louise said: “I really love animals, especially cats, horses and goats and I’m really pleased and proud of myself for what I’ve done. Some cats have no blankets, so I wanted to make sure they are warm.”