A Truro resident has launched a petition against what he sees as the disastrous consequences of Cornwall Council’s hyper-development agenda with a call for the resignation of the county's chief planning officer.

Iwan Le Moine has decried what he sees as the disappearance of the green belt under the onslaught of the bulldozers, spreading traffic chaos and air pollution, and his petition demanding the resignation of planning officer Phil Mason has now gained over 2,200 signatures - just under half way to the 5,000 required to trigger debate by the council.

Mr Le Moine said: “For far too long Cornwall’s unique landscape character has been degraded by wholly inappropriate urbanisation programmes. The comments made by people signing this petition show that they share real anger at the way unopposed development is being allowed to destroy the duchy.

"Cornwall’s rural nature is being rapidly eroded, and traffic congestion, air pollution and crisis alerts at an overloaded Treliske Hospital continue to increase way beyond acceptable levels.”

Cornwall Council cabinet member for planning and economy Bob Egerton said: “I have full confidence in the council’s head of planning and this petition seems to be based on misunderstanding and misinformation.

"The way in which the Council considers planning applications is transparent and open. Officers advise councillors based on their specialist knowledge but it is members who set planning policy and decide on contentious planning applications.

"To make these decisions and, where they have been turned down, not have them overturned at appeal, Cornwall needed a Local Plan.  Ours was adopted last year by an overwhelming majority of democratically elected councillors following years of robust discussion, extensive consultation and a thorough public examination by the inspector. The Local Plan strengthens our hand as it means that we can apply local planning policies to our planning decisions to help us resist unwanted and speculative development and help shape communities - not just build housing estates."

The petition can be found at change.org/p/cornwall-council-phil-mason-council-s-chief-planning-officer-has-failed-cornwall-and-must-resign