What's all the fuss about? It's a question the majority of reasonable, level-headed - perhaps a touch cynical - football fans have been asking themselves in the wake of the hysterical reaction to that goal.

Yes Zlatan Ibrahimovic's 30 yard bicycle kick against England was spectacular; yes, it demonstrated superb technique, and vision, and athleticism; and yes, it made Joe Hart look ever-so-slightly daft.

But best ever? Not a chance.

Don't take my word for it, the evidence is right in front of you. Listed below are ten of the most exceptional goals ever scored by anyone, anywhere, and best of all, none of the goalscorers wear their hair in a bun.  

So let's take a look at some of the real contenders for the title of 'best goal ever.'

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So where to start? How about this belter from Leeds legend Tony Yeboah against Liverpool. The Ghanaian joined Leeds from Entracht Frankfurt in 1995, scoring 24 goals in 47 appearances, but none of them quite as spectacular as this.

There had to be a Lionel Messi goal in here somewhere. This 2007 effort sees the atomic flea channeling the spirit of countryman Diego Maradona circa 1986, as he glides effortlessly past the entire Getafe team before rounding the keeper and slotting home. Genius.

'Taxi for Maicon,' sang Spurs fans during their Champions League clash with Inter at White Hart Lane as Gareth Bale skinned the hapless Brazilian time and time again down the wing. But Brazilians don't really do defending, do they? And let's face it, you don't need to when your right-back can score goals like this. From a league game between Inter and Juve in 2010...

Ever heard of Glentoran? Could you name the league they play in, or a member of their first team squad? Thought as much. Well have no fear, because the next time your local bar-room bore raises his head from his Sky Sports Football Yearbook and challenges you to name an Irish premiership player, you'll have an answer ready: "Matty Burrows," you'll say with a knowing wink, "he scored the best backheel goal of all time."

And then there's this one. Not much you can say about Maradona that hasn't been said before. Genius, magician, drug hoover, puncher of goals and breaker of Peter Shilton's heart. Not much Shilts could do about this one though. Nor, for that matter, could the other six England players Maradona danced past on his way to putting Argentina into the 1986 World Cup semi-finals.

Once upon a time Barcelona were a side made up, not of super-human hobbits, but of real footballers who occasionally lost football matches. In fact, when this game against Valencia took place in 2001, they weren't even assured of a Champion's League spot and desperately needed a win to qualify. Step up Rivaldo Vítor Borba Ferreira, with a match-winning hat-trick capped off by this stunning effort. Eat your heart out Zlatan.

Dennis Bergkamp: so good he's in this list twice. Possibly the greatest footballer ever to grace the Premiership, and scorer of a whole host of sublime goals. This one against Newcastle was so mind-bogglingly good that even his teammates didn't know how to respond. Stunned by the majesty of it, a confused-looking Sylvain Wiltord could only manage a congratulatory pat on the head. As one YouTube wag commented "It's unfair of Dennis Bergkamp to use actual magic in a match."

It's that man again. Bergkamp's physics-defying takedown and shot during the 1998 World Cup quarter final between Holland and Argentina, was enough to reduce this Dutch commentator to a babbling wreck incapable of anything other than screaming the words "Dennis Bergkamp! Dennis Bergkamp!" over and over again. So stupendous was the goal that rumour has it the commentator never recovered. Late at night you can still hear his voice echoing around the Stade Velodrome, 'Wat een goal!' it moans balefully, 'Wat een goal!'

You've probably never heard of Charles-Édouard Coridon. And let's face it, why would you have?The retired French-Martiniquais player spent most of his career mooching around at French club Lens failing to set the world alight. He made 129 appearances, scored a meagre 29 goals, then  retired. But amongst those 29 goals was this one: part bicycle kick, part overhead kick, part tripping over his own feet, all goal.

And last but not least, this peach of a strike from ex-IFK Gothenburg forward, Andres Vasquez. On first impression his goal against Örebro looks spectacular enough. But slow the footage down and zoom in, and suddenly you see that Vasquez isn't just chipping it in from the edge of the box, he's performing the 'rabona.' What's the rabona, you ask? Well, it's a method of kicking the ball where the kicking foot is wrapped around the standing leg. Thank you Wikipedia, and thank you Andres. Astonishing.

...and finally, how not to do the rabona, courtesy of David Dunn. This man has an England cap.