The first ever Falmouth School squash championship has taken place with a little help from a local sports club.

The competition, sponsored by A&P Falmouth, was the culmination of a week’s worth of free coaching given to the school by professional coaches Terry Becket and Siobhan Garland from Falmouth Sports Club on Western Terrace. 

More than 500 students received squash coaching before the staging of an inter-house competition. Trelawney House players eventually emerged victorious.

Jem Wallis, head of PE and sport at Falmouth School, said: “This project shows fantastic practice that we hope to extend to other clubs and sports in Falmouth. 

“The number of students accessing a new sport has been a really positive experience and the youngsters now have a secure pathway into the sport.”

Attendance at Falmouth Sports Club’s Saturday morning coaching sessions has risen significantly due to the project, Mr Wallis said, and the club is now running additional sessions to meet demand. 
The project hopes to raise awareness of squash ahead of the 2020 Olympics, at which it may be included as an event.

Mr Wallis told the Packet: “Special thanks should go to Mr Peter Child, managing director of A&P Falmouth, for sponsoring the event and supplying the trophy, and to Siobhan and Terry.”