Falmouth and Penryn’s amatuer boxers were involved in two tough fights in Saltash last week.

Dan Hoskins fought his first fight against M Ahmed from Saltash ABC.

The first and second round were even with both boxers catching each other with hard shots, although Dan was moving well with a superior jab.


It looked as though the fight would not go the distance with both fighters boxing well.

And sure enough, after being told by his coaches to put the pressure on, Dan went out in the third round and caught Ahmed within the first minute with a good right hand over the top, causing him  to stumble.

After receiving a count the referee stopped the fight in Dan's favour giving him his first victory.
Ben Ambrose had his first bout this season and showed great improvement again, out-boxing a very strong opponent from Torquay, in a very hard fought bout.


Unfortunately the decision went against Ben, surprising even the Torquay boxer.

Falmouth and Penryn’s Brett Ralph boxed S Walkey, Lympstone, a very awkward southpaw.
In the first round Brett found it awkward boxing against a southpaw, being caught with some very hard left hands, but showed a lot of guts to come through the round.


After a pep talk in the corner from his coaches, Brett went out in the second round and caught Walkey with good left and right punches, and a good left hook nearly had Walkey down.

Walkey was holding a lot and should have received a warning from the referee, and with both boxers even the fight now depended on the last round.


The decision was given to Walkey after a good hard fought fight.

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