The Falmouth Men’s Triples Winter League Triples were played to a finish on Sunday morning, after a very closely contested league despite the weather, writes Ron Medlyn.

Sunday morning, after overnight rain, dawned with a light drizzle. However, the games were played and promptly on time the weather brightened with very light rain throughout, causing no problems and items of wet gear were constantly being shedded as the weather improved.

Today of all days, both the top two teams lost their matches. League leaders Falmouth’s Waisters skipped by Richard Rowe, John Maunder 2 and Jordon Sanders at lead were expecting a tough game against Bickford Smiths Miners skipped by Geoff Stephens, Eric Duffield 2 and David Hocking at lead.

After eight ends both teams were level at 6-6 and the Waisters then went ahead with a four to take over the lead 10-7 and increased this to 13-7 after 11 ends.

The Allsorts then got stuck on 13 for the next five ends and by this time the Miners had overtaken them to lead 15-13 after 15 ends. Although the Allsorts took two of the last three ends they just could not catch the Miners, who went on to win 16-15 after an excellent game.

With the league leaders losing, Helston’s Ditchers skipped by John Darling, Terry Channon 2 and Robin Bray leading had a chance to win the league with a good win against Stithians Ranchers skipped by Harry Barnes, David Rickard 2 and Phil Matthews at lead. However, the Ranchers had not read the script and proceeded to demolish any hopes the Ditchers had of winning this game.

The Ditchers took a promising 5-1 lead after four ends, but a run of good ends by the Ranchers secured a 1-3-5-3 to put them well in the lead 15-6 after ten ends and they soon increased this to 28-7, an unbelievable score. The Ranchers ran riot scoring seven shots on the 16th end and go on to win the game 30-8. The worst result of the season for the Ditchers who were really off song today, whilst the Ranchers bowled well above themselves to gain this wonderful result, which everyone was amazed at.

So with the Ditchers losing, this left the Waisters as this year’s champions as these two teams were well ahead of the rest of the field.

Third in the league, Falmouth’s Packets, skipped by David Hay, John Bishop 2 and John Daly at lead were to play Falmouth’s Jets skipped by Ernie Eva, Roger Leach 2 and Paddy McMullen at lead. The Jets took an early lead 4-2 after five ends, but by the eighth end the Packets had overtaken them to lead 7-6. The Jets then were to remain on six shots for the next five ends, whilst the Packets built up a 15-6 lead after 13 ends.

The Jets took three shots on the next end, but this was to be their last score of the game as the Packets won the last four ends to win the game 19-9.

Mawnan’s Brass Monkeys skipped by Chris Gee, Tony Stevenson 2 and Don Hall at lead made an excellent start to take a 5-0 lead after four ends against Mylor’s Misfits skipped by David Jenkins, Stephen Pikesley 2 and Jamie Pikesley at lead. After seven ends the Misfits had levelled the scores at 5-5, but a three and one from the Brass Monkeys put them back in the lead 9-5.

But again the Misfits levelled the game at 9-9 after ten ends and they then went on to overtake the Brass Monkeys to lead 12-11 after 12 ends. However they were to remain on 12 for the next four ends as the Brass Monkeys again took the lead 17-12 with two ends to play. Both these ends went to the Misfits, but they just could not do enough to catch the Brass Monkeys who won this excellent game 17-15.

And so ended the Men’s Winter League leaving the result as follows: 1, Waisters; 2, Ditchers; 3, Packets. This was probably the toughest league yet as no games were easy and predictable.
Next weekend the Round Robin Competition starts with two games to be played each Sunday morning over ten ends each, so a good early start has to be made and as last year there will be many upsets, but excellent competitive spirit between the nine teams entered will prevail.

Results: Brass Monkeys 17, Misfits 15; Waisters 15, Miners 16; Ditchers 8, Ranchers 30; Packets 19, Jets 9.