The Falmouth Winter Round Robin Men’s Triples got underway on Sunday morning in a window in the weather, writes Ron Medlyn.

It threatened to rain all morning, but thankfully no one got wet and all the games were finished in the dry. But ten minutes after finishing, heavy rain descended on the empty green.

Helston’s Ditchers set the pace in the first round, skipped by John Darling, Terry Channon 2 and Russell Dawes at lead as they went into a 7-0 lead after only two ends against Mawnan’s Brass Monkeys, skipped by John Lethbridge, Harry Coult 2 and Richard Ragg at lead.

The Ditchers kept piling on the pressure and the points as they went on to overrun the Brass Monkeys to win 20-2.

Falmouth’s Waisters, skipped by Richard Rowe, Mike Pheby 2 and Ron Medlyn at lead were to have a tough game against Falmouth’s Packets, skipped by David Hay, John Bishop 2 and John Daly at lead. Both teams were level at 3-3 and 4-4, but on the seventh end the Waisters picked up three shots to go 7-4 in the lead and soon followed this with a 3-1 to run out winners 11-6, but this game could have gone either way, but fortune followed the Waisters.

Bickford Smiths Miners, skipped by Barry Jones, Cyril Bayliss 2 and Tony Atkins at lead were against Helston’s Blue Anchors, skipped by Terry Carroll, Robin Bray 2 and Dave Warfield at lead.

The Blue Anchors led 2-0, but were quickly caught as the Miners went into a 7-2 lead after four ends. The Blue Anchors then scored one shot on the fifth end, but the Miners put their seal on the game to take the next four ends to lead 16-3 with only the last end to come, which went to the Blue Anchors, leaving the Miners winners 16-5.

Stithians Ranchers, skipped by Harry Barnes, Jack Garland 2 and John Knowles at lead were too strong for Mylor’s Misfits, skipped by Ian Handford, Len Hadley 2 and Colin Bowden at lead, as the Ranchers went into a 10-1 lead after five ends.

The Misfits managed two shots on the sixth end, but the remainder of the game went to the Ranchers as they won handsomely 16-3.

The Jets had a bye in the first round.

First games’ results: Miners 16, Blue Anchors 5; Misfits 3, Ranchers 16; Waisters 11, Packet 6; Brass Monkeys 2, Ditchers 20.

Round two immediately followed the above games, as each team changed rinks.
Helston’s Ditchers again started well against Falmouth’s Waisters and the Ditchers were soon into a 9-1 lead with the Waisters bowling well below their normal form and were made to pay for it as the Ditchers punished the Waisters bad bowls.

After seven ends the Ditchers led 9-2, but on the eight end they were to receive a huge shock as the Waisters for once bowled a good end to pick up seven shots and so tie the game at 9-9, with two ends to play. The Waisters holding two shots with only one bowl to come from the Ditchers skip, John Darling removed the shot bowl and picked up two shots, a four shot turnaround.

The Ditchers in their last end again left it to their skip to remove the Waisters shot bowl and so won the last end and match 12-9. Deservedly, as the Waisters only won three of the ten ends bowled so did not deserve a result out of their poor bowling.

Stithians Ranchers were also two game winners today as they soon took a strong 8-5 lead after four ends. However, the Brass Monkeys hit back to tie the game at 8-8 after seven end but it was the Ranchers who won the last three ends to win the game 13-8.

Falmouth’s Packets were all level with the Miners at 4-4 after five ends and it was the Miners who went ahead with a 1-4-1 to take a 9-4 lead after seven ends. The Packet suddenly went into overdrive to score 6-4-1 to finish the game off by winning 15-9.

Falmouth’s Jets in their only game of the day, skipped by John Jones, Ernie Eva 2 and Paddy McMullen at lead were against Mylor’s Misfits. It was the Misfits who first got on the board with a 3-3 to lead 6-0 after two ends, but the Jets were soon back on equal terms at 7-7 after five ends.

After eight ends both teams were still only one shot apart, but it was the Jets who had the last say to win 13-9 in a well contested game.

The Blue Anchors had a BYE on this round.

Round 2 results: Jets 13, Misfits 9; Packets 15, Miners 9; Ranchers 13, Brass Monkeys 8; Ditchers 12, Waisters 9.

There is no doubt this short format game over only tend ends with all shots to count, gives different results than the normal league games which makes it very interesting for everyone. The teams know they have to get a good start and come out of the blocks firing on all cylinders.