Sports day 2013 will go down in Penryn College history as one of, if not the most dramatic in the history of the traditional summer day of competition.

Results for the competition played out between the four school houses:  Arwenack, Killigrew, Pendennis and Gluvias, were so tight, that further time was needed to count the scores before announcing the winners.

The champions will be announced on the final day of term leaving an anxious wait for Gluvias to see if they have been dethroned or retained the coveted crown.

Glorious sunshine greeted the young sporting enthusiasts and dozens of staff, following a wash out earlier in the week.

To a man, students and staff were decked out in their respective house colours of green, yellow, blue and purple as they prepared to do battle.

Some of the more intense participants even smeared house coloured war paint on their cheeks as they prepared to do battle.

As the sun beamed down on the participants the morning was taken up with every possible sport imaginable.

Football, rugby, cricket, volleyball, netball, badminton, hockey, skateboarding to name a few, as the successful shake up of the classic sports day continues to keep all levels of participation and interest accommodated.

The main event and more traditional  part of sports day was left as ever, to the afternoon. 
The track turned into the battleground for several hours as years 7, 8, 9 and 10 were on their marks, set and gone!

There was the 1500 metres to test the physical (and in some cases) mental endurance of competitors who from first to last were roared on by their adoring houses.

Next came the 800 metre and 400 metre events more suited to the quick running athletes, before the collective effort of the 4x100m relay races.

The final action of the afternoon was the proverbial flashbulb moment of sports day 2013. Just like Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake faced off for the showpiece at the Olympic stadium in London last summer, so to did the students of Penryn College.

With vital points on the line, the speed merchants of the year group sped their way down the tracks screamed on by both staff and students from the sidelines.

With every race and point counting there were some unbearably tight contests mixed with some stunning levels of speed and athleticism.

Once the dust had settled and the time had run out there was no way of telling apart the four houses and it was decided that on the final day of term the winners will be crowned

There wasn't even time for the popular staff relay, although rumours are rife a video recorded performance will also be shown on the final day!