Falmouth Town manager John Dent has criticsed comments made by Helston Athletic boss Sid Taylor in the wake of defender Hugh Howlett's move to Bickland Park.

Howlett signed for Town this week, and though Taylor gave the player his blessing he also expressed his frustration that Helston were unable to compete financially with Falmouth.

Taylor said: “He’s been offered good money to go there, and when you’ve got no budget like we have at Helston it’s difficult to keep your players - as I’m finding out this season.

"In my opinion he’s probably one of the best defenders in the county. I wish him well and hope he can help them stay up.”

But Dent has hit back at Taylor, insisting that money had nothing to do with Howlett's decision to leave Kellaway Park.

"I was disappointed to hear him say those things," he told the Packet.

"And if I'm honest, I think it's derogatory to Hugh. 

"When we spoke about him coming to the club the subject of money didn't come up once, so where Sid Taylor gets that idea from I don't know. He's suggesting Hugh's only come here because of the money, and that's just plain wrong. He wanted to play premier division football, it's as simple as that.

"We have a very small playing budget at Falmouth Town and Hugh, like all the other players at the club, will fit within it."

Howlett is expected to play some part in Falmouth Town's must-win game against Cullompton Rangers at Bickland Park on Saturday, kick off 3pm.