Helston Athletic manager Sid Taylor has revealed that star striker Mark Goldsworthy will remain at the club until the end of the season.

Goldsworthy had been the subject of intense speculation over his future after rumours of interest from SWPL premier division clubs Bodmin Town and St Austell.

But the Blues frontman, who won the division one west golden boot last season, looks set to stay at Kellaway Park after clear-the-air-talks last week.

Taylor (pictured) said: “He’s committed himself for the rest of the season, which is obviously fantastic news for us.

“I think Goldie will make the step up to the premier division next year, but he’d rather do it with a full pre-season behind him than go half way through.

“I think he’s done the right thing to be honest. We’ve stuck by him here at Helston and he wants to see how we can finish the season off.”

Taylor also revelead his continuing frustration with the current transfer system in Cornish football, and called for the Cornwall FA to step in and change the rules.

“It annoys me because players can put pressure on clubs if they’re not playing. The players have the power. If you upset them one little bit they can just leave. The ball’s compeltely in their court and I don’t think that’s right.

“If there was a transfer window it would stop all that, and I think the Cornwall FA really need to have a look at bringing somehting like that in.

“Going back a few years, if you changed club once in a season it was considered a big deal, but now  you see players jumping in any direction they like. It’s hard to build a squad when things are that way.”