Penryn College Taekwondo star Ethan McFadzean-Griffiths is at it again in 2014, with more superb success at the recent 2014 PUMA World Championships.

Year eight pupil Ethan, had an outstanding 2013 where he gained a second Dan black belt, British Championship gold medals in sparring and patterns, and a silver medal at the GTI English Championships, along with the Cobra Competitor Of The Year Award.

A fortnight ago, Ethan competed in the 2014 PUMA World Championships, where he was eager to retain his titles.

Once again he performed exceptionally, winning a gold medal in the patterns division, and bronze in the free sparring - fantastic achievements in a competition with over 600 competitors of all ages and sizes.

Ethan puts his success down to a combination of the strong sporting ethics of Penryn College, and the tenets of Taekwondo which he learns in the club - as well as a great deal of determination and hard work. If the beginning of 2014 is anything to go by, Ethan could be in for quite a year.