Next Sunday at the end of their Greene King IPA Championship game against Rotherham Titans (ko 3pm), weather permitting the Cornish Pirates will present a number of annual end of season awards from the main grandstand.

Because a number of awards will be held back for an official end of season event to be held in the 'Travis Perkins' Marquee at the Mennaye Field on Saturday 3rd May, those expected to be presented on Sunday should be as follows:-

Travelling Supporters 'Player Of The Year' – Starting from 2000, past winners form an impressive list; they are Paul Gadsdon, Richard Carroll, Steve Evans, Joe Bearman, Matt Jess, Alan Paver, Gavin Cattle, Viliami Ma'asi, Heino Senekal, Iva Motusaga, Rob Cook, Dave Ward, Ian Nimmo,  and last year's winner - Laurie McGlone.

'The Edwin Bryant Trophy' – This fine trophy is presented in memory of a much respected rugby man, who for many years was also a member of the Cornwall Rugby Referees Society. Heino Senekal was the first winner back in 2008, followed by Iva Motusaga, Rob Cook, Chris Morgan and  Dave Ward, and then last year's winner – Rob Elloway.

Handcrafted each season a mounted wooden rugby ball, this year in finest cedar, is presented to a player who has given at least three years of service to the Club and receives the most votes from the supporters. This year the following players are eligible: Gavin Cattle, Rob Elloway, Matt Evans, Tom Kessell, Kyle Marriott, Laurie McGlone, Chris Morgan and Alan Paver.

All supporters are eligible to vote and chosen players names should be emailed to - votes close at midnight on Thursday.

The Roger Pascoe Cup – A special trophy, which goes to the Supporters 'Player of the Season', this cup is presented in memory of Roger 'Paco' Pascoe, who as a very fine player made over 1,000 appearances for the Pirates. Supporters have cast their votes and past winners, starting from back in 2003, lists Joe Bearman, Matt Jess, Matt Jess, Rhodri McAtee, Tim Cowley, Tim Cowley, Heino Senekal, Blair Cowan, Jonny Bentley, Ian Nimmo, Laurie McGlone.

The President's Cup – The fourth and final trophy to be presented next Sunday, this cup will go to the player who, in our President's opinion, has been the most outstanding contributor on the field during the season. First presented by Dicky Evans to Richard Carroll in 2003, names engraved since are those of Alan Paver, Iva Motusaga, Joe Bearman, Viliami Ma'asi, Steve Winn, Chris Morgan, Sam Betty, Laurie McGlone, Gavin Cattle, and Paul Andrew.  We wonder who Geoff Read will present the trophy to next week?