Falmouth Squash Club is delighted to have won the Hine Plate at the finals held in Truro on Saturday, 26th April 2014.

Falmouth entered 3 teams into this season, with all teams being promoted up through the divisions as the season progressed.

Says Falmouth Sports Club Chairman, Cliify Voller, ' I am so bursting with pride at the performance of our 1st squash team's victory in Truro!  The winning of the Hine Plate, not only is a real accolade for the team members individually, but also for our club'

All the teams have played hard, putting in a lot of training and working well together, and special note should be made to the Captain of the team, Ben MacDonald who only turned 19 at the end of the season.

Training through the year had a few hiccoughs, with coach Terry Beckett falling ill for a large part of their season.  However, such is the boys enthusiasm, that this only served to make the boys more determined to play for Terry and work extra hard at being promoted, which they were! The next goal was to win the Hine Plate!

Reaching the finals held in Truro, the Falmouth team faced Bodmin to play five games to determine the winners of the trophy. The games were very exciting and well supported by the spectators watching, but Falmouth had a clear victory winning all five matches.

Says Cliffy ' As the chairperson I took it upon myself to support these young players because of their determination and guts. I have watched all of their games, and Saturday's games were the best I have ever seen them play, they all played their hearts out and firmly deserved to win the Hine Plate. It was the cherry on the cake, so to speak.The team are also very appreciative of support from Simon Curtis from Plumbase, Redruth for their smart kit, which they wear with pride'

The competition was concluded by the presentation of the plate by Tony Bowyer who expressed that Falmouth is 'the team of the future!'

For further information on playing squash at Falmouth, please contact the Club at 01326 311056