AN EMPHATIC win was followed up by a disappointing loss for bowlers from Falmouth.

First up for the club's A team was a match with Chacewater A. Falmouth were able to field their full first team with the exception of Jordon Sanders, who was on holiday.

On rink one, Falmouth's Richard Rowe's rink with Tony Nancholas 3, Tom Reid 2 and Paddy McMullan at lead played Chacewater's Barry Tippett's rink, Mike Tippett 3, Paul Bearham 2 and Tony Roode at lead. Falmouth made a great start to take a 14-1 lead after ten ends.

On the 11th end Chacewater picked up two shots, but Falmouth immediately hit back to extend their lead to 21-3 after 14 ends. After 17 ends Falmouth led 23-4, but Chacewater then scored a 3-3 to reduce the lead, but Falmouth secured the last two ends to win the game 25-10.

Rink two saw Falmouth's Paul Bobin's rink, David Hay 3, David Warfield 2 and John Maunder at lead against Chacewater's Glyn Mitchell, Chris Instance 3, John Harry 2 and Colin Smith at lead. After six ends both teams were level at 4-4 and again level at 8-8 after 11 ends. Falmouth then turned up the heat to take a 22-9 lead after 18 ends.

Chacewater took a four on the 19thend and the last two ends were shared, leaving Falmouth winners 23-14, another good win. On rink 5 Falmouth's John Darling's rink, Ron Medlyn 3, John Brady 2 and Phil Dunstan standing in for Jordon's absence at lead, were against Chacewater's Colin Binney's rink, Nigel Laity 3, David Parr 2 and Tony Cooper at lead.

Both teams were level at 5-5 after five ends and it was “tit for tat” for the next 15 ends and by the 16thend both teams were again level. Chacewater then went into an 18-16 lead after 18 ends but Falmouth got their heads down to win the last three games 1-4-1 and so won the match 22-18, handing a 5-0 result overall in Falmouth's favour.

After such a wonderful start to the season, Falmouth knew they were in for a tough game at Mylor, where their green is just the opposite to Falmouth's - heavy, but they were looking forward to this game.

Preparations were not ideal for the visitors though as a crisis developed with three key players dropping out of the game through work, sickness and holiday.

Richard tried to reshuffle his depleted team but it all ended in a bit of a disaster. Richard's rink, Tony Nancholas 3, Tony Pereir 2, John Lethbridge at lead were to play Jeff Askew's rink, who promptly put the pressure on the Falmouth team and ran away with the game 30-9.

With Paul Bobin missing, Tom Reid was moved over to skip, David Hay 3, David Warfield 2 and John Maunder at lead were against Brian Jeffries rink. Falmouth found Brian Jeffries and Mylor's Bill Foote in top form and they ran away with the game 27-13.

Falmouth's John Darling's rink, Phil Dunstone moved to number 3 in Ron Medlyn's absence, John Brady 2 and Paddy McMullan at lead, played Derek Sherman's rink. This proved a very close game until near the end Falmouth led by nine shots with two ends to play, only to drop five shots on the penultimate end. However, they hung on to win the game 23-20, resulting in a good win for Mylor 77-56, making the final score 4-1 to Mylor.

Falmouth B visited Penryn A on Tuesday anticipating a tough encounter. On rink one Falmouth's John Jones, Melville Angel 3, Moss Fuller 2 and John Daly at lead were against Penryn's Godfrey Curnow, Marshall Curnow 3, John Pennock 2 and T Kneebone at lead.

Penryn lead 4-2 after five ends when Falmouth then hit a purple patch to score 3-4-2 and take an 11-4 lead. They increased their lead to 19-9 after 16 ends and finished their game in style to win the game 23-12.

Rink two saw Falmouth's Doug Richards rink, Malcolm Dearnley 3, Doug Moyle 2 and John Bishop at lead played against Penryn's David Williamson's rink, Paul Toy 3, Joe Nathan 2 and John Jose at lead. After six ends Penryn led 7-4, but Falmouth then hit a brilliant patch to win the next seven ends to take a 20-7 lead after 13 ends.

Penryn then scored three ends in succession to reduce the lead to 12-20. Falmouth went into the last end 23-14 in the lead and Doug Richards with his last bowl hit the jack to the back of the rink to find Falmouth were now holding seven shots and won the game 30-14.

Rink three saw Falmouth's Harry Coult's rink, John Oldcroft 3, Brian Bishop 2 and Chris Chatterton at lead play Penryn's Phil Smith's rink, Mike Walker 3, Bob Hocking 2 and C Saviour at lead. Falmouth soon found themselves in trouble and after ten ends were 13-3 in arrears.

Penryn went further ahead as Phil Smith was playing a “blinder”, taking shot end after end when Falmouth were holding. The pattern continued to the end when Penryn ran out deserving winners 23-8. Results: Penryn 49, Falmouth 61. Penryn A 1 point, Falmouth 4.

Falmouth B then had the daunting task of welcoming Carnon A to their green and in an effort to confuse the Carnon team altered the normal rinks to 2-5 and 6.

Rink 2 saw John Jones rink play Tim Phillips rink and it was not very long before Carnon took a 19-4 lead after 11 ends. Falmouth did score a five on the 12th end, but were not to score again to the 20th end as Carnon romped away to a 35-10 win, totally outclassing the Falmouth rink.

Rink five saw Falmouth's Doug Richards rink play Colin Allen's rink. Unfortunately their number 3 Roger Teague did not turn up so Carnon had to play as a triple with players like Andrew Laity and Charlie Gay, two woods each is bad enough, but with three bowls each it's hard work to play against.

Both teams were level at 6-6 after six ends and again level at 11-11 after ten ends, but Carnon then went away to an 18-12 lead and by the end Carnon were scoring at will finishing on 2-4-6 to win the game 31-14. However, having played as a triple their score had to lose 25 per cent, which still gave them a comfortable 23¼-14 win.

Rink six saw Falmouth's Harry Coult's rink play Carnon's Steve Lawer's rink. After ten ends Carnon led 13-8 but soon increased this to 19-9 after 15 ends.

Falmouth then settled to some good bowling and won the next six ends in succession to tie the game 19-9 with the last end to play.

Unfortunately for Falmouth Carnon got the one shot to win 20-19. What an effort by this B team rink. Result: Falmouth B 43, Carnon A 78¼. Falmouth B 0 point, Carnon 4.