FUNDING from fresh oars is being sought in a campaign being run by Falmouth Gig Club members.

Rowers are looking to raise £3,000 for a new set of oars to be used by them for practice and in races.

The fundraising effort which is being called Paddle Power comes after a new boat, The Governor, came to the club based at the Falmouth School of Sailing.

Currently three sets of adult sized oars and one junior set have to be shared between the six gigs manned by members, which does cause problems.

Simon Tripp, who has organised the campaign, said: “We get a lot of funding for our boats but the oars are often forgotten about. Getting new oars will benefit the whole club as it will mean crews will not have to wait like they do sometimes for a set of oars to become free to use.

“It is also always good to have new equipment as it is nicer to use and will give more people at the club to enjoy being on the boats more of the time.”

To help raise the money, half training days are being offered to other gig clubs or anyone interested in giving the sport a go. A fundraising website has also been set up.

Oars which stand at about 12-feet tall are handmade and any extra money gathered from the fundraising efforts will be used to maintain the new set along with those already at the club.

“They do need to be varnished regularly,” Tripp explained.

“However another reason we are looking at getting new oars is because the sets we already have here have not been maintained or varnished enough.

“It can be quite time consuming so there is a case people don’t really have the time to do it, but if we get enough money we will use it to buy varnish and make sure they are looked after.”

Anyone wishing to donate to the campaign should visit