RELAYS in the athletics world normally only see the runners go round for either 100 or 400 metres.

However, a group from Penryn will be covering distances of up to five miles each to raise money for charity on the Bank Holiday weekend next month.

Mile High Running Club will don their trainers and jog 50 miles round the Roseland Peninsula and into Falmouth on August 24 as a fundraising project for the Falmouth Hospital.

Starting inside St Mawes Castle at about 10.30pm, the group featuring a dozen team members will head around the creek before navigating to Truro.

They will then hit the roads to Playing Place and into Mylor before eventually finishing up at the finish line inside Pendennis Castle.

Although the total distance which will be run by the individual participants has been decided yet, club coach and event organiser Dave Collins said the group are already looking forward to the day.

Collins said: “The terrain is going to be pretty challenging.

“But knowing the guys, they are all quite competitive and will want to run it as quickly as possible.

“We always have a bit of a laugh with these things and I know everyone is very keen to get it done.”

Rather than passing a baton around as is normally done in a relay, the Mile High team will change over legs by touching hands.

It will not be the first time the club has attempted larger than life running events for charity.

Their previous efforts including a 24 hour relay around Falmouth in 2012 and going round the Cornwall Coastal Path, a distance of 330 miles, two years earlier.

“On the previous occasions we’ve raised in the region of £5,000 for Cancer Research,” Collins said.

“This time we have decided to back the Falmouth Hospital as they are local and are also trying to raise £1,000 for a pump used for blood transfusions.

“Obviously the machine costs well more than that sum, but if we could raise that ourselves, then that would fantastic.”

To make a donation, visit or call 07788 254371.