MEMBERS at a sailing club will be giving land-lovers the chance to jump onboard and have a go at the sport.

Flushing Sailing Club are hosting a family try sailing day on Saturday August 9 at their home in New Quay, off Trefusis Road.

Between 11.30am and 4pm, people who are not experienced sailors can go out on one of the boats at the club and find out what it is like on the water.

Life jackets will be provided and Flushing members will be on hand to skipper the vessels and talk through what is happening.

Alongside the sailing, the club’s bar will be open during the day.

Commodore Chris Jelliss said they have organised the event to provide people with the chance to go out on the water and show how enjoyable the sport is.

“The idea of the try sailing day is to show people in all walks of life that sailing is for all, whether you own a boat or just want to crew,” Jelliss said.

“At Flushing Sailing Club, we are primarily interested in racing and promote this. But sailing is so diverse that people, once interested and involved, will branch off to cruise, race or get involved as they wish.

“The try sailing day is an opportunity to get out on the water with an enthusiastic helm and find out how entertaining and absorbing it can be.

“We would love for people to want to join the club and take part regularly, but provided they leave with a positive view of sailing and the club and have a good time on the water, we'll be happy.”

Children aged between five and 16 must be accompanied by an adult on a boat.

For more information about the day, call 01326 316071 or 07891 396262.

Alternatively, visit