A PUB darts team from Falmouth are looking to achieve something remarkable over the next few weeks – by going through the season unbeaten.

The Prince of Wales, based at the pub in Market Strand, have so far won all 19 of their Cornwall Darts Super League Mens South Two Division matches in 2014 and can confirm their champions status tonight if they defeat second placed Albany RFC B.

A victory would only be the first step to what the side want to achieve though as they now have their sights firmly set on getting an invincible status.

With four of the five games left against teams near the bottom of the table, captain Darren Green said he and his colleagues are confident they can complete the task.

“On paper, Albany should be the hardest out of the five remaining games,” he said.

“If we can get the win though, which we are confident we will, then from there it will be about going to finish off the job.

“If you had said to me at the start of the season you’ll win the league and lost just one game, I would have snatched your arm off.

“But now to have got this far without losing has changed things a bit and we all really want to make sure we go unbeaten.”

So far this year, nine players have been used by the Prince of Wales.

Out of these players, five currently hold spots in the top 12 individual averages table, including Green and Ivor Henry sitting first and second.

Green believes the secret to their success has been the team spirit they have.

He said: “Our camaraderie has been the most important thing.

“We all support each other during the games and we all have a real enthusiasm for darts which means we are always practising either together at the pub or at home in our spare time because we want to try our hardest for the team.

“There is a good deal of organisation that goes on as well which helps a lot, whether it be for practice or travelling to games. Everything runs like clockwork.

“What I’m really proud of is the fact four of the main six players are the same as when we first entered the league a couple of years ago and we have all developed our games after having to start out at the bottom.

He went onto say the team are planning a “decent” celebration if they do go complete their undefeated challenge.

“A big part of our team is enjoying darts and also enjoying meeting up with each other at the same time,” Green explained.

“We will collect our trophy at the presentation night and then we are planning on bringing it back to the pub to show it around.

“From there, I’m sure we’ll have a few drinks to celebrate. It is something which will never be forgotten, so a celebration is deserved.”

Remaining fixtures for Prince of Wales: Tonight – Albany RFC B August 20 – Penryn BC B August 27 – Turnpike Inn September 3 – The Atlantic Inn