CORNISH Rebels player-coach Jonny Platt said there Grand Final performance shows they can progress to the prestigious Challenge Cup.

After winning Sunday’s game, the side will now be entered in the Harry Jepson Trophy, a three stage knockout competition featuring other clubs from around the UK.

As part of the prize, the overall winners will be placed in the hat for the 2015 Challenge Cup draw.

This means the Rebels could potentially progress and face a Super League team.

Platt said should this happen, then it would be a dream come true, adding he believes they can win the Jepson trophy.

“With the performance we put in today and the support we have behind us, I think we’ll do well in the competition,” he said.

“The first game is still two weeks away though and we will have to see where we are in a fortnight as players might be unavailable.

“But if we can take a Cornish team to the national Challenge Cup level would be brilliant for us.

“It shows the Cornish boys down here need to be scouted early as they could play in the Super League.

“Getting a team like Leeds Rhinos or St Helens would be amazing and we’ll have so much support it would be carnage.”

He also believes the scoreline from Sunday is proof the Rebels have been the best side in the league this year by miles.

Platt said: “I’m quite glad we beat Plymouth like we did because they are the only side who beat us at the start of the season.

“We are over the moon to get a score like that in the final.

“It shows we have been the best team for this season and last season too.

“Our fitness was better than Plymouth’s and their heads dropped when we got three tries in five minutes, which it would do for any team in that situation.”