ANOTHER stadium move would be considered by the Cornish Pirates if current proposals fall through – according to the club’s chairman.

Speaking during the Mennaye Field side’s media day, Ian Connell who took over the role from Dickie Evans in July said moving the club to a Truro-based stadium is a must for them.

Currently the Greene King Championship club are partners in development firm Inox’s Stadium For Cornwall scheme which is looking to build a 10,000 seater stadium in the outskirts of the city.

It is hoped a final decision on the multi-million pound plans will be made before Christmas as project bosses seek a supermarket partner to join in with the plans to help make them self sufficient, rather than funded by taxpayer’s cash.

Connell believes negotiations will be sorted before the end of the year, but added if things do go wrong, moving to Truro by the start of the 2016/17 season is still in the club’s mind.

He said: “We are working on getting a full, final decision before Christmas.

“There is a major discussion hurdle which is what supermarket will planners go for to be part of the project.

“From what I know they have a choice of four and a full discussion with all four will be taking place.

“We have to retain an ambition to be in the top 20 or 30 teams in the country and I think it is imperative that we find an acceptable solution if the Stadium For Cornwall does not go ahead, which might mean a plan B of moving to Truro still, but in a smaller stadium.”

When asked if any back-up plans had been properly discussed, Connell said no negotiations had begun with Inox.

He went onto say the current proposals should create significant interest with supermarkets in his own opinion.

“The Inox scheme provides planners and the council with the opportunity of having a fully costed, financially viable scheme not using a single penny of taxpayer’s money.

“There is considerable merit in local government in Cornwall supporting the supermarket proposal and as soon as a planning decision is granted, you can bet your bottom dollar every supermarket firm will come running in to be a part of it.”

Connell also said the club are working with the Pirates Amateur side to make sure a legacy is left in their historic Penzance home.

He said: “We want to leave the sense of community rugby in the town when we do leave.

“We are engaging with the Amateurs, who have shown us a business model they have which shows they can survive without us.”