BEN Trevaskis said he has learnt so much already just a couple of months after moving from Penryn to the Cornish Pirates.

The lock forward has joined up with the Mennaye Field side on their Player Development Foundation project which has picked out young players from around the county with the view of developing their experience and skill.

Having previously played for Borough in the Tribute Western Counties West league, five divisions below the Greene King Championship featuring the Pirates, Trevaskis said it is a big step to take but the challenge is something he is relishing.

The 22-year-old said: “I am really looking forward to playing with the club.

“Coming from Penryn which is a few leagues below the Championship, it is a bit daunting jumping into this level, but I want get the shirt on and crack on.

“It has been a massive step so far. We’ve been doing gym work up to five times a day which we never did at Penryn, and then get stuck in with full contact against guys with Championship experience, which has taken a bit of getting used to.

“But I am getting used to it and already in the eight weeks or so that I’ve been here I have learnt so much training with the team and I am already a better player for it.”

Looking ahead to the season, Trevaskis said his main focus alongside developing his own skills will be to get some game time with the side.

He admitted he might be a bit nervous if he does get the call up to the matchday squad, but it is something he wants to achieve.

“My main goal for the season is just to learn as much as I can,” he said.

“But I also want to get on the pitch and try and fight with the guys already in there and knock them out of the park.

“I would be a bit nerve-racking, but I think nerves are a good thing pre-game as it shows you care and are not just lumbering onto the field and that you want to fight for the team.”

He went onto say he is still keen on checking out how his former colleagues at Penryn do this season, adding he has had a bit of fun discussing his professional rugby player status with pals.

Trevaskis said: “My two best mates still play there and I’ll be popping my head in when I can because I’ll always be a Borough boy.

“I have mentioned signing for the Pirates a couple of times to wind my friends up and get the upper hand in a couple of arguments, but all my friends and personnel at the club have been as good as gold since I signed.

“I think Penryn have a good young side which will gain experience and I expect they will have a good season and push for the top four places in the league along with a good cup run.”