LIZARD FC are Division One champions in the West Cornwall Summer Pool League after a 6-3 win over Rodney Inn A in their last game of the season.

Singles winners for the team were Jimmy Johns, Paul Williams, Steve Williams and Ben Evans.

Helston FC A had a winner takes the runner-up spot match against Mullion FC and came out 6-3 winners with singles wins coming from Simon Morrish, Mark Jenkin, Mike Torr and singles aggregate winner Gary Smith.

Godolphin Club C had a great end to the season with a 9-0 win over the Lion & Lamb and Rodney Inn B defeated the Killigrew Inn 6-3.

Helston RFC A lost their last game 5-4 but have ended up Division Two champions.

They were beaten by Godolphin Club B in their last game and Bob Eustis, Bob Sanders, Alistair Bray and Jerry Varker were the singles winners.

Constantine SC won 6-3 against Helston RFC C, but second place went to Bell Inn A who defeated Helston RBL D 6-3.

Martin Jeffery, Kellie Jeffery and Jon Elder all won for Godolphin Club A in their 6-3 win over Angel Hotel B and are top of Division Three, but Angel Hotel A have games in hand.

The doubles knockout preliminary rounds saw four pairs progress to the semi final stage.

Dan Miners and Phil Johns from Helston RFC C had a good victory in their final game at the Helston Rugby Club with a win over Mullion pair Chris Spurrier and Scott Patterson.

JP Collins and Pete Williams of Godolphin Club C qualified from their match against Rodney Inn.

Mickey Fuller and Karl Hanson, from Red Lion A, came through at the Godolphin Club and Mike Torr and Anthony Williams of Helston FC A went through at the Angel.