Should he want to (you'll be thrilled to know he doesn't), the Packet Predictor could retire a happy man this week.

This is how his results panned out last week: His guess - Mousehole 2, Wendron 3 (aet); Actual score - Mousehole 1, Wendron 2 His guess - Tiverton 2, Falmouth Town 1 Actual score - Tiverton 2, Falmouth Town 1 His guess - Polperro 1, Penryn 2 (aet) Actual score - Polperro 1, Penryn 2 (aet) His guess - Porthleven 3, Dobwalls 2 Actual score - Porthleven 4, Dobwalls 1 All FOUR results correct, two with an exact score.

Not to bask for too long in the afterglow of his success, he's back this week having another nibble from the guessing cake.