CORNWALL professional Brad Wadlan will continue to represent the county despite his shock departure from St Just Cricket Club this week.

The 27 year old has returned to South Wales to play, but will still travel to play for the county.

Earlier today the club issued a statement saying that Wadlan had left the club, adding that there was "no plausible explanation" for his departure.

Since then, in a statement released on Twitter, Wadlan said: "When I signed for St Just back in October, there were a number of terms that they included in the contract, around my performance, both on and off the field. I accepted those terms, but in return, asked the club to commit to delivering their end of the bargain around the coaching part of my job and how I was to be used.

"From the very outset there was a clause in the contract that enabled me to leave if those requirements weren't delivered by the end of May. I would emphasise that I asked the club to fix these issues many times over the last two months or so and have written records of each meeting, be it with individuals at the club, or the committee, on the discussions we had and the agreed resolutions.

"Over that time, not one of the issues which affected my ability to fulfil my job and just as importantly, develop my coaching career, have been resolved fully. It therefore became apparent that the club were not going to perform to the contract and that is why I have returned home to South Wales."

St Just CC's secretary Chris Goninan said that the club would meet later in the week to discuss the possibility of bringing in another professional.