Having spent the last month researching, compiling and writing about Bickland Park in its 60th year, I have heard much about Falmouth Town's legendary players from the past.

The likes of Johnny Penny, Keith Manley, Tony Kellow and Roy Mallett almost feel like uncles I never knew, such is the reverence with which they are held.

Football fans cherish a player out of the ordinary - they may have a trick, a lightning turn of pace, or the ability to head a ball further than most of us can kick it.

As a wet-behind-the-ears sports reporter in 1997, I started covering Falmouth Town and over the last 20 years, despite having other roles, I have always followed their fortunes with interest.

So, as good as Joe Scott, Tommy Matthews and Colin Chegwyn clearly were, I can only enjoy hearing about their feats from others.

Indulge me, then, my Falmouth Town XI of the last 20 years. Like a fine wine, it is a matter of taste and often that taste seems to improve with age.

The vast majority of my chosen XI are from the late 1990s - that is not nostalgia consuming me though - they were a team who won things consistently and sadly the name of Falmouth Town is absent on the 21st century honours boards.

Digest my all star XI from the last two decades, then tell us yours.


Sid Taylor - a great talker, brave, with the ability to pull off incredible saves


Jake Ash - big, strong, quick. Pure class. Went on to be an FA Vase winner with Truro City, with whom he also won six promotions.

Dave Sweet - Fiery centre half who occasionally overstepped the mark, but absolute 100 per cent, old school defender

Rob Troon - Arguably had his best days with Truro City, but a Rolls Royce of a defender. Silky, unflappable.

Andy Parr - Ridiculous engine, great touch and rarely made a mistake.


Dale Band - Effortless across the turf, capable of doing things with the ball that very few of his peers could.

Andrew Street - My absolute local hero. Great feet, superb range of passing, tireless running, goals aplenty and dominant in the air. The ultimate central midfield player.

Darren Burchell - A luxury selection here, but his quarter-back passing was worth the entrance fee alone. On his day, the best player on the pitch by a mile.

Jason Carwardine - The scurrying left winger had pace to spare and his direct style would strike fear into right backs.


Mark Rapsey - 144 goals in 243 appearances tells you what Rappo was about. Very quick in the early years, his pace may have subsided in later years but his hunger for finding the net didn't. Recently celebrated reaching 2,000 career goals.

Andy Morris - Burst on to the scene as a mercurial teenager in the late 90s - a bullet of a left foot, natural strength and frightening pace. Tragically passed away this year.


Garry Penhaligon - Brilliant keeper with an enormous goal kick.

Lee Fox - A no-nonsense defender who formed an immovable partnership with Sweet.

Adrian Street - Combative midfielder who complemented his brother brilliantly.

Luke Hodge - Strong as an ox, unbelievably dominant in the air and always good for a goal.

Justin Ashburn - Made 424 appearances for Town in a brilliant 16-year career up front.

* The Packet will be celebrating 60 years of Bickland Park in a special supplement on Wednesday, July 19. Three days later on Saturday, July 22, Falmouth Town will play a Cornish Legends side at the ground to mark the anniversary. Kick off is 2pm. All welcome.