MEMBERS of Nankersey Rowing Club have sent their newest pilot gig boat out onto the water for the first time.

A blessing and naming ceremony was held near their base at Restronguet Sailing Club on Saturday morning after the team recently added a plastic boat, built by Trevor Deakin, to their equipment.

They already have two wooden gigs, Circe and Serafina, but have brought in the newest edition so more rowing can be done over the winter while the other boats can be spruced up.

It will also prove useful in May when the club head out to the Isles of Scilly for the World Championships with their wooden gigs, meaning members who stay at home can still go for a row.

The plastic gig, which after a vote at Nankersey’s AGM was named Cygnet, was blessed by the Rev Andrew Stevenson from St Peter’s Church in Flushing before a bottle of ale was poured over it by Liz Turner, a member of the ladies crew.

After this ceremony, it was then sent out onto the water and taken for a row by members and also the Blind At Sea crew, a charity supported by the club.