Yvonne Whitford

WHITFORD Yvonne Joyce A birthday poem for a very special lady. C -Joey lives close to a famous harbour, not far from a famous t.v. barber. She loves her garden always on her hands and knees, with plants to plant she's not scared of the bees. She would like her birthday to be forty, so again she can be nice young and naughty. In fact on the XXV1 (d) of V111(m) in MMXX she is X times V111. Here's hoping poor old Niloc won't be in trouble because Lerchy and Ele will get him out of the double. It won't take working at B Park to crack this code, because C & L will crack it back to the right mode. NoneyV will look forward to Christmas and the holly, she will look forward to meeting her friend Molly. With all the rhythm and rhyme, it won't mean a thing, if there's no jazz from Chas, it ain't got that swing. So please C -Joey stay loose and be a wild goose. Happy birthday, and all our best wishes and all our love Niloc & Hirsely



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