The funeral service for Jennifer McMillan took place on March 3 at Falmouth Parish Church with the Rev Stephen Tudgey officiating.

The reading was by Richard Uren; Jennifer’s daughter-in-law Sally paid a moving tribute and her three grandchildren read the poem, Remember Me.

Jennifer was born at St Neots, Huntingdonshire, not Cornwall, which she often forgot to mention. A father in the RAF resulted in her attending several schools, including a convent at Gibraltar where she became proficient in Spanish and French, which she used extensively in later life. She completed her education at Plympton Grammar, representing the school at hockey and tennis. Although not a keen runner she later competed in numerous charity events.

Representing Devon at the Falmouth Tennis Club first brought her to the town and county she grew to love. One tournament she never forgot was partnering former Wimbledon doubles champion Gardener Malloy in mixed doubles.

Still at school she undertook an Outward Bound course. Her commendation mentioned that she was a good team player but omitted the fact that she continued canoeing throughout a stormy Dartmoor day long after others, including young trainee commandos had obeyed orders to return to camp.

Jennifer loved the sea and the mountains. Being a keen skier resulted in a horrific accident, tumbling and sliding over 100m down a very steep slope. An 800km car journey home aggravated the damage, as became apparent over the next two years as gradually her mobility problems reduced her to climbing stairs on hands and knees. Finally, a severely damaged spine was diagnosed resulting in the need for a double spinal fusion involving the insertion of two metal rods in her back.

Three years later the ever determined Jennifer announced she wanted to at least try skiing again. At the top of the run she confessed to being nervous, at the bottom she suggested that she and husband Keith should join the ski school. They continued to ski every year but gradually mobility problems reoccurred. Resulting in having to have both hips resurfaced. It was another three years before she returned to skiing.

Already diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, 2015 saw her last visit to the mountains. Her first run resulted in three spectacular falls, resulting in having to be dug out, as by then her arms had lost much of their strength. On the last day’s final descent she completed the same run, non- stop. Keith admits to cheering admiration. No one else at the resort or on the holiday even guessed she was so ill.

Above all Jennifer was a dedicated nurse, training at the Bristol Royal Infirmary, before marrying her schoolgirl boyfriend, Keith. After the birth of son, Rohan she took a long sabbatical, filling the intervening years with a very successful modelling career and appearances in programmes from the Bristol TV studios.

With Rohan at university she returned to nursing course. On completion she became a staff nurse at the Royal Devon and Exeter hospital combining duties there with becoming a successful business woman. Jennifer loved her time at the RD&E but other factors necessitated a return to Falmouth.

Back at Falmouth she joined the hospital as a bank nurse. Regularly flying to the Isles of Scilly to cover for holidays or sick staff, another role she really enjoyed. She was popular at the hospital and with locals, receiving warm applause when entering the Atlantic Hotel bar during a holiday visit.

Jennifer loved travelling as a pillion passenger, enjoying major excursions such as visits to southern France. Longer trips included visiting their son in Hong Kong and Japan where he taught English. Shorter and possibly more raucous holidays were taken each year with fellow nurses visiting European capitals.

With mobility problems increasing holidays were by their camper van, the biggest adventure being a tour of Northern Spain. Others were planned but in January 2016, Jennifer was suddenly struck by Vertigo Labyrinthitis ending plans to enjoy her remaining days as fully as possible. Notwithstanding this, she managed a fondly remembered trip to Minehead with her beloved family, managing to totter around the pitch and putt course and swim with the grandchildren.

Despite all the travelling Jennifer was happiest at home in Falmouth. She loved coastal walks, swimming and sailing. Confined to a wheel chair she loved to be pushed around Castle Drive, along the sea front and around Queen Mary Gardens, something she managed just two days before her death.

Unsurprisingly, a last treasured memory was when the Falmouth Marine Band marched up Avenue Road to sing Trelawny at her gate. Many tears were shed by all concerned including hers as she struggled back to her chair.

Family mourners: Keith McMillan, Sally and Rohan McMillan (also representing Peter McMillan brother- in- law) daughter-in-law and son, Ellie, Joseph and Thomas McMillan grandchildren, Richard Swithenbank brother-in-law, Timothy Swithenbank nephew, Richard Hatton and Zoe Hatton niece, Jamie Hatton great nephew.

Funeral director: W J Angove.