Bernard Beale

BEALE Bernard William "Bernie" Nicky, Becky and all of Bernie's family would like to thank everyone for attending the funeral and wake of our beloved Bernie Beale, each one of you brought something special to the day, in your clothing, your flair & enthusiasm and your kind words & shared memories, it was a beautiful send-off worthy of the great man himself! Special thanks go to Cosmic, Nuala Parris and Jeni Pink for your contributions to the funeral service and organising the procession and the wake, Bert Biscoe for the wonderful eulogy, Adam Vasey for the great food and Robin Lawson for donating use of the Old Alehouse, finally a huge thank you to Jill Turner for her generous donation of funds towards the wake. Special thanks for the total support, help, guidance and professionalism of Roy Sanders and the team at Penryn & Falmouth Funeral Directors.