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Aaron Willoughby and Steph Norman are unable to say Cornish wedding vows - but could in Scottish or Welsh  Picture: Aaron Willoughby / SWNS
Joe Gray with his second salvaged mine  Picture: Joe Gray/SWNS
The world's largest daffodil grower says it has been forced to let hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of flowers rot   Picture from file: SWNS
A beaver invasion is feared at Tregothnan Estate  Main and inset picture: SWNS
Casper Ward aged 11, with his pet alpaca called Tea  Picture: SWNS
Cornish pianist Annabel Bennett pretended to be a man to get work  Picture: SWNS
Joe Gray with the sea mine at his antique shop  Picture: SWNS
Martin Ward has been banned from swearing anywhere in the UK  Picture fromm file: Getty Images
Seals have moved in to an Airbnb in Perranporth, Cornwall  Picture: Lizzi Larbalestier/SWNS
The envelope with  'somewhere at top of town' which miraculously made it to the right house in  St Ives  Picture: Tracey Fitzharris / SWNS.COM