They're known for their similar funky vintage fashion, but Pearl and

Daisy Lowe reveal this shared sense of style goes further than that -

they also rock the same decor vibe.

Interiors and fashion designer Pearl, 47, and her daughter Daisy, 29, a

model, have opened the doors to their bedrooms to show off their

remarkably similar taste as part of the Hillarys Mother's Day Design

Challenge, to design the perfect boudoir.

Daisy's happy to acknowledge that 'Mum knows best' when it comes to

decor. "My mum's an amazing designer," she says. "She's certainly passed

her sense of style onto me. We're very much on the same wavelength. She

has impeccable taste and her home is like taking a walk through a golden

age of interior design. Art Deco, Victoriana and Boho vie for attention

in every room. She has this unique ability to create a look that's

rooted in the past but still feels contemporary and fresh."

Pearl's just as much a fan of her daughter's decor look. "Daisy has a

wonderfully eclectic style in her fashion and brings this into

interiors," she enthuses. "We love going to antique fairs together to

source furniture for our respective homes. It's exciting, you never know

what treasures you're going to find. It's lovely swapping ideas and

being inspired by each other."

Wondering how to channel this dreamy look in your own home? Read on to

discover the mother-daughter duo's style secrets...

Present it like Pearl

Pearl's home is a glorious, sprawling 11-bedroom Georgian country house

in Somerset. She describes its decor as 'a bit Miss Havisham' - but with

a nod to the glamorous Twenties mixed with a Seventies vibe.

"I've always had a similar style," says Pearl. "But living in Somerset

has given me access to many more antique dealers and flea markets, so I

can find considerably more variety, and the painted Rococo furniture

that I'm so fond of."

"I love being surrounded by pieces that tell a story," adds Pearl. "We

live in such a throwaway world, it's comforting to surround yourself

with furniture and objects that have a history."

As for Pearl's favourite trends for 2018, she says: "Glittery golds,

saturated hues, super-bold colour pops, fringing details on everything

from cushions to throws, and gelato pastels are all strong themes.

Small-scale prints are a key design trend, and as I'm completely

obsessed with ditsy floral and pastel paisley printed wallpaper, this

makes me very happy."

Do it like Daisy

Daisy's home is a three-bedroom Victorian terrace in London, and she

describes the decor as having a more pared-back feel than her previous

abodes, because she wanted to conjure a "calm, relaxing setting, made

interesting with textures and a few antique pieces".

She explains: "I like traditional pieces, although as I'm getting older,

I'm more about blending both modern and vintage decor, for a clean,

relaxed and neutral aesthetic."

"My colour scheme is sky blue, ivory and classic French navy, with

metallic touches to bring a warm, luxe feel. I wanted it to be chic but

sophisticated with a pastoral country feel," says Daisy.

"I've gone for lots of different cosy textures - sheepskin, quilted

items, linen - so it's all very tactile. For the windows, I've chosen to

mix a couple of prints together. I love the surprising combination of

the ticking fabric with the toile."

"My taste is very much based around vintage, antique and old things - I

love key antique pieces. They make me happy when I look at them. I have

an original 18th Century chest of drawers," adds Daisy. "I love

combining colour, pattern and texture and, for me, layering - with lush

fabrics and lots of cushions - is essential to make an inviting space."

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