The docks skyline appears to be one of all legs these days as more and more jack-up rigs make use of the facilities on offer.

Over the weekend the Danish-owned Wind Server, the world’s first purpose built jack up wind turbine rig paid an unexpected call to avoid the bad weather and heavy swell conditions off Lands End.

Wind Server took full advantage of A&P Falmouth’s fully surveyed jack-up berth. Falmouth-based specialist company SubMarine Services surveyed and videoed the entire seabed.

Wind Server sailed on Monday for the Burbo offshore wind farm near Liverpool where she will carry out a component exchange on a turbine.

The vessel carried out her very first jacking operation in February 2015 for the decommissioning of a met mast in the North Sea.

Designed to provide operation and maintenance services to the offshore wind industry, the vessel is chartered to Siemens Energy under a three-year charter agreement signed in May 2014.

The other jack-up vessel Seajacks Hydra has moved from the south of Queens wharf to a lay-up berth on the site of the old Kings wharf where she will remain until her next contract.