Kestle Barton: Rural Centre for Contemporary Arts starts its 2015 season with a striking new exhibition featuring the searing work of Roger Ackling.

The show is an opportunity to see the groundbreaking artwork of Ackling who died last year, work which has held its own powerful significance throughout the long career of the artist.

Using a hand-held magnifying glass to direct the sun’s rays onto wood, Ackling burned horizontal lines in methodical patterns, directly onto the surface of discarded objects.

Garden tools with wooden handles, whole or partial crates and driftwood washed up on beaches, all came under his magnifying gaze, literally.

Ackling developed this collaboration with the sun in the late 1960s and he continued to use this method of making for over 40 years.

Kestle Barton opens Saturday, March 28 and then every Tuesday to Sunday from 10.30am to 5pm until October 31.