February may seem early in the new year, but to a comedian going to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August, it is never too soon to delight audiences with your full length comedy show, as Chris Purchase will do on at Toast in Falmouth on February 5.

The monthly comedy night at Toast, which is held on the first Monday of each month, regularly hosts new and professional comedians who have come from all over the United Kingdom to try out new material to a warm and encouraging Falmouth audience.

Regulars include Melanie Drew, who has quickly climbed the comedy ladder and become recognised by Cornish greats Kernow King and Jethro and Graham Wilkes, who is Cornwall’s main importer of comedy talent for various shows around the county.

Chris Purchase will perform his full length show, already written and prepared for August’s Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, with support from West Country comedians including the newest recruit from Camborne who has been cutting his teeth at Falmouth’s open mic nights.

The fun will get underway at Toast in Church Street at 8pm on the 5th.