Portscatho and Gerrans on the Roseland Peninsula are shining brightly this Christmas thanks to the villagers.

More than 30 people turned out at 8am on Saturday, November 24 for the annual tradition.

After a briefing at The Plume of Feathers over a hearty breakfast, the crew sallied forth in cold and gusty weather to do the task in hand.

Will Gill sits on the Portscatho Christmas Lights and Fireworks Committee: "This year was probably one of the best turn outs we’ve ever had but the support has always been strong even in horrible conditions, it's true testament to our local community.

"The donations we receive each year always go straight back into the fireworks and lights fund, and we are happy to report that the amount increases year on year.

"This enables us to create more shapes and light strings and to provide bigger and better firework displays for the community which we are all so lucky to live in.

"It’s a group effort and we couldn’t do it without everyone’s help, so thank you, Portscatho and Gerrans community, one and all."