Original Poldark actor Robin Ellis has spoken of his support for the Sing2G7 project which began in Truro and saw 25,000 young children in 27 countries 'sing to G7'.

The movement aims to empower primary school children - to make young voices audible to world leaders on issues they care about such as Climate Change, Poverty, Vaccine Equality and to make the Summit relevant to their young lives.

Mr Ellis said: "Cornwall holds a special place in my heart - and indeed while filming Poldark, the cast stayed in the same hotel where the G7 are meeting in Carbis Bay.

"When I heard what the choristers at Truro Cathedral were doing, I felt old Ross Poldark nudging me. So I'm happy to add my voice - and support the efforts of young people in Cornwall, and around the world, seeking to inspire the G7 leaders to think big."

The song they will be singing "Gee Seven" has been specially written for the project by Sir Tim Rice and Peter Hobbs. The track ends with the strong message: 'Gee Seven - Let nation speak to nation, Gee Seven - Don't let the others down, Gee - Seven - Don’t forget the not so fortunate, Gee Seven - Or we’ll run you out of town’.


The royalties from the song will be donated to Unicef's "Give the World a Shot" Vaccinaid appeal.

On June 9, thousands of young singers from around the world will tune into a Sing2G7 International Mega Zoom beaming out from Truro Cathedral, to sing Gee Seven together, led by the choristers. Participants include children from USA, Canada, South Africa as well as many other countries.

Mr Ellis quoted a character from Poldark when continuing his praise for the young singers. He said: "Young people are the leaders of tomorrow - the ones who will inherit the planet - and their concerns warrant attention.

"To quote old Jud, ignoring them 'tain't right, tain't fair, tain’t fit, and tain’t proper'…”

The G7 concert on June 12 by Truro Cathedral Choir will feature the 'Gee Seven' song and also accessible music from all of the G7 countries in their own language, with favourites such as Danny Boy (Ireland) and Shenandoah (US) together with musical gems by Brahms, Fauré, Eleanor Daley and Caroline Shaw as well as local folksong arrangements such as Sakura (Japan).

To find out more about the worldwide project and its role in the G7 concert visit the website www.sing2G7.org