Many people have found that the most important thing for their health during the pandemic is physical exercise.

People have been returning to the county’s pools in large numbers as people take up what the company running leisure centres across Cornwall term as ‘fitness swimming’. There is also some evidence that chlorine kills the Covid bug.

However, because Falmouth does not possess a ‘fitness’ pool only a fun one, people have not returned in large enough numbers to make the centre viable.

Consequently GLL says it can no longer afford to run it and Cornwall Council is considering closing it.

What a fine kettle of fish we have got ourselves into that in a town surrounded by sea we may soon have nowhere publicly owned to take our children to learn to swim.

Our own surf life saving club is already forced to travel to Truro to use the facilities there.

While it was good news that Ships and Castles had enough room to build a proper pool inside, the news this week that Cornwall Council is scaling back a huge cycling path project because of a lack of funds is worrying.

Therefore it was heartening to see so many good ideas and enthusiasm coming out of a consultation meeting with Cornwall Council last week about getting a new pool. C’mon Falmouth we can do this!