In recent weeks the media has been full of reports and letters concerning the housing crisis in Falmouth and Cornwall.

These include pleas from local Councillor Jayne Kirkham and young local people to provide better quality affordable properties for those out priced by increased house prices and the proliferation of second homes. Cornwall Council have also declared a housing crisis and it is apparent that many young people are finding it harder to find their first home.

We are a family run local developer who have spent the past two years consulting with the planning officer and the senior historic environment development officer to provide much needed reasonably priced homes at Bell's Court and Smithick Hill in Falmouth. Following this long period of negotiation, we have recently finalised the scheme .

Consisting of eight apartments in two blocks which have now been reduced in size and include a larger garden area. The first 4 of which will be marketed between £140,000 and £155 ,000.

The land for the proposed build has been owned by us for over 40 years and we demolished the derelict housing that originally stood there. It is unfortunate that our pre-planning application was incorrectly labelled in the press as a "land grab" and that the size and placement of the buildings in relation to its location misrepresented. We are committed to provide lower cost homes for Falmouth and are asking the people of Falmouth to support our new planning application.

John & Martin Fisher-Davis

Directors F P Kitchener Ltd