WHILE people are distracted by the horrific war going on in Ukraine, there is another war going on in the UK, against people who attack NHS staff for doing their jobs.

Whilst doctors and nurses in the Ukraine bravely try to save the lives of men, women and children under bombardment, our NHS is having to endure a bombardment of hideous behaviour from entitled patients.

Whilst we can in no way compare what the medical staff in Ukraine are having to endure, NHS staff would be the ones fighting to save our lives if ever war came to these shores.

So to hear that some people are actually spitting in nurses’ faces when they ask them to wear a mask, is just horrific.

People who do this sort of thing should be banned from receiving any medical treatment whatsoever on the NHS for life.

Of course it won’t happen, mainly because staff working on the NHS won’t want it to. It’s not what they are all about, the majority came into the profession to help people.

But who can blame them when we hear they are leaving the NHS in droves because they cannot put up with this kind of behaviour any more?

People seem to think because they think Covid is over they should not be forced to wear a mask. That’s fine but that’s your choice, the choice of the NHS is that you do based on cases rising again.


NHS plea 'help us help you' after patient spits in staff member's face

It’s hilarious that people who demand we remove our masks because it erodes our freedom of choice are denying people who want to wear a mask their freedom of choice. Hypocrites, the lot of them, and dangerous ones too. Whatever is wrong with a little civility?