This week a parish meeting of Falmouth Town Council was attended by three young people from Cornwall who pleaded with council to impose restrictions on holiday lets and second homes.

They are part of a poverty action group called ACORN which is calling on Cornwall Council to introduce a special order of planning to restrict and regulate the ownership and construction of second homes and holiday lets.

Property to rent is at premium in Cornwall, but property to buy for first time buyers is proving impossible.

Last year Cornwall built ten council houses, that’s not a typo, while the numerous developments of affordable homes usually start at around £220,000. In what world is £220,000 affordable to any young person on the average Cornish wage? It is nigh on impossible for them to afford that.

We are heading for a serious tipping point where so many young people will not be able to find somewhere to live at all.

Already we have villages where homes are empty half the year round while young people and young families are forced out.

These empty homes have a knock on effect as village schools close due to a lack of pupils and local businesses struggle in the winter.

We all know that this situation is unsustainable and the only way forward is force people thinking of buying a second or holiday home to think again.

The group has started a petition and is looking for support. It can be found at