While I welcome the introduction of the 20mph zone around much of Falmouth, there seems to be a lack of common sense in how it has been applied.

Swanpool Road, running between Hooked restaurant and Bickland Water Road, remains a 40mph zone. This speed limit has always been too fast for what is a narrow and twisting piece of road with poor visibility.

There are often pedestrians and dog walkers along this stretch too, due to the lack of pavement. In addition, the last few years has seen traffic using this road multiply, with new developments built overlooking Swanpool and adjoining the Golf Club.

It is mind boggling how any council worker tasked with making these decisions can honestly say that 40mph is a safe speed. The implementation of a 20mph limit throughout much of Falmouth presented a perfect opportunity to address this danger zone.

In addition, last weekend saw the erection of 20mph signs at the entrance of The Links and St Nazaire Terrace. Is this really necessary? The signs are ugly and intrusive, as well as costly. Does the council really think people are going to enter these small cul-de-sacs at more than 10mph? Even getting up to 20mph would be a challenge. It would be almost impossible to attempt without crashing through someone’s front room.

I have copied Philip Desmonde, Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio holder for transport (who lives in Tehidy - has he visited this road?), and Dean Evans, a Falmouth councillor who has been instrumental in the 20 is Plenty campaign, as I’m keen to understand the rationale behind both this oversight and overzealous signage.

Nicola Smith