It’s nearly crunch time for the Ships and Castle’s debacle, with the town council being urged to show leadership and take it on.

All the interested parties including Pendennis Leisure and Falmouth Town Council meet with Cornwall Council’s cabinet on July 20 to decide what they want to do with the site.

Falmouth Town Council has been offered three options by Cornwall Council which will be discussed on July 20. They are:

  • Cornwall Council maintains ownership of the land and building and decides the future in regard to sale and development
  • Full devolution of the Pendennis Headland, including Ships and Castles site, surrounding land and car park.
  • Disposal of part of the site. The Ships and Castles building and some or all of the car park would be sold.

Pendennis Leisure are urging the council to show leadership by taking on Ships and Castles and the headland.

But as Cllr Jude Robinson points out if the council did this it could end up costing it millions over the years if they were to reopen the pool.


Write to everyone you can to save the headland and pool, campaigners urged

The council has done a fantastic job of taking over the Princess Pavilion, but taking on the running of a swimming pool is perhaps just a step to far. It could end up costing the town much more than it already has. Of course everybody wants to save the headland, but perhaps selling the car park and the leisure centre and using the proceeds to build a proper pool elsewhere is the better option. Just a thought!